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Randy is the Vice President of Marketing for a national medical supply company. One of his department's responsibilities is to provide customized marketing collateral to support the efforts of the national sales force.

As a devoted team of marketing professionals, his staff has fallen into a pattern of fielding telephone call requests, creating customized graphic presentations, printing individual posters and fliers on the office laser printer and overnighting the materials. The staff had become "printers" and no longer had the time to focus on strategic business needs.

Randy was faced with the challenge of continuing to provide scalable resources to the sales force, while refocusing the efforts of his staff on strategic measures. A colleague recommended the services of Harris Interactive Media to engineer a method for improved process management. With a standard set of product offerings and an adequate sampling of requests, the first step was to organize a template. Given the geographic diversity of the sales force, the most efficient medium of access was the Internet. A website was created that enables the sales representatives to peruse a catalog of 36 different templates via Online Collateral Management (OCM).

Field representatives browse the online catalog, select and configure the items they want, review an online proof and place their order for printing.  The requests are automatically scheduled, the formatted files are placed in a queue, printed and shipped within 48 hours.

Randy's staff is back on strategy building activity instead of handling printing requests. The sales representatives enjoy the ability to customize their collateral, while the marketing group maintains content integrity of the message. Production costs have been reduced and preprinted inventory along with storage fees have been eliminated.